Tuesday, August 1, 2017

GES EX 360° Cloud Platform All-round Securities Trading Solution Special Double Privileges

GES launches GES EX 360° Cloud Platform, an all-round securities trading solution and special double privileges. GES EX 360° Cloud Platform combines Auton - online trading platform, GES EX – front-end trading system, GES Xentrix back-end settlement system and powerful I.T. infrastructure, offering access to real time quote, trading, settlement, technical analysis and various types of server hosting packages.

GES EX 360° Cloud Platform Special Double Privileges
The first 10 customers signing up to the GES EX 360° Cloud Platform before 31 August 2017 can enjoy the below special double privileges.*
·         One-time Setup Fee Waiver
·         Monthly Fee Waiver for First 6 Months
A special discount will be offered to customers who upgrade to paid plans after the 6-month fee waiver period.
*Remarks: For details of the offers, please refer to the relevant promotional materials or contact GES staff.

GES EX 360° Cloud Platform All-round Securities Trading Solution
As a low-cost, high-efficiency solution, GES EX 360° Cloud Platform supports cloud trading which allows brokers to enjoy the ease of trading without installing any hardware. Auton, the online trading platform can be seamlessly connected with front-end trading system and back-end settlement system, which cover a diverse range of functions such as front- and back-end data instant synchronization. GES EX 360° Cloud Platform caters for the needs of different brokers with powerful I.T. infrastructure and multiple customized solutions.

More features of GES EX 360° Cloud Platform:
·         Front-end Trading System
o    Support local and global securities
o    Passed the HKEx OCG and OMD certification tests
o    Multiple channels of trading (Web Trade, Terminal, Mobile App)
o    Cutting-edge algo-trading capability
o    Asset management functions, including MAM mode, pre-trade checking, trade allocation etc.
o    Database located in Tseung Kwan O adjoining HKEx Data Centre

·         Back-office Settlement System
o    ATI and SI job
o    Multi-level commission and rebate setting
o    SFC FRR reporting
o    Various types of Corporate Action and IPO handling
o    Automated day end job and statement output
o    Real-time front and back data synchronization

For further details, please visit: http://www.ges.com.hk/en-us/ges-ex360.html

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