Tuesday, August 23, 2016


GES 於 8 月 10 日舉辦的「GES EX 證券及基金前台交易系統工作坊」已順利舉行。當天 GES 的代表為來賓演示了 GES EX 證券交易系統的最新功能,以及講解如何透過 GES EX 證券交易系統拓展多元化環球股票及基金管理業務。

是次活動吸引了分別來自十間券商的十一名出席者,當中大部分為證監會註冊機構的高級管理人員。席間來賓都專心聆聽 GES 代表的講解並踴躍發問,部分來賓更大方分享作為系統用家的感受及意見。

活動主持 Jeffrey Lo 總結道:「是次體驗日取得圓滿成果,業界人士能更了解我們公司及 GES EX交易系統的新功能,尤其是專為基金經理而設的多賬戶管理(MAM)及成交分配(Trade Allocation)功能。我們同時展示了GES 的多產品及程式交易平台 – Auton 以及GES 的發展藍圖,讓券商對於我們的專業技術具備更多信心。我們亦了解到他們對交易系統的需要,期望將來可為更多券商提供高效益的交易解決方案,拓展多元化環球股票及基金管理業務。」

詳情可瀏覽企業網站: www.ges.com.hk

“EX Securities & Fund Front-end Trading System Workshop” Achieved a Great Success

Global eSolutions (HK) Limited (GES), a Hong Kong based leading financial trading platform vendor held a successful event GES EX Securities & Fund Front-end Trading System Workshop” on 10th August. The representative from GES introduced the new features of their trading system – GES EX and shared how GES EX could help brokerages to expand global equities and fund management business.

The event has been well received by 11 participants from 10 brokerage firms, who are mostly senior management from SFC brokerages. During the event, the participants listened attentively to the speaker and showed great enthusiasm by raising questions and were open to share their thoughts from the users’ point of view.

“GES EX Securities Trading System Experience Day has achieved a great success. Brokerages are able to gain a better understanding of our company and experience the most updated features of GES EX, especially the MAM and trade allocation features for fund manager. We also showcased the preview of Auton, our multi-asset and algo-ready trading platform as well as the future roadmap of GES, giving customer more confidence in our expertise. We look forward to providing more brokerages with our highly efficient trading solutions for them to expand global equities and fund management businesses.” Jeffrey Lo, the host of the event concluded.

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