Friday, December 18, 2015

GES EX 證券交易系統一周年再展新章

香港金融交易平台供應商 Global eSolutions (HK) Limited (GES) 宣佈旗下的 GES EX 證券交易系統已正式通過香港交易所的領航星中央交易網關 (OCG) 及市場數據平台 (OMD-C) 的認證,成為香港少數通過上述兩項測試的獨立軟體供應商,標誌著 GES EX 證券交易系統誕生一周年並踏入新的一頁。

回顧過去一年 GES EX 證券交易系統的發展GES 研發部副總監 Alex Wong說:「為配合近年港交所在核心交易平台上作出的多方面改革,經紀自設系統 (BSS) 供應商無可避免需要將交易系統升級,以配合港交所的計劃。過去一年在 GES及客戶的共同努力下,我們將 GES EX 功能全面升級並順利通過港交所一連串有關 BSS 系統的測試。」

Alex Wong 續說:「首先,針對港交所全新的 OMD-C 市場數據平台,我們將 GES EX 申請成為 OMD-C 認證的系統,並在兩個月內成功通過有關的測試,於2015810日正式成為 OMD-C 認證的獨立軟體供應商。日後 GES EX 的客戶毋須再自行作市場數據的測試,免卻繁複的測試工序及安裝測試網絡的成本。」

GES 資深市場部主任 Jeffrey Lo 亦說:「為確保客戶能夠順利轉用至 OCG 以享用低時延的交易體驗,過去一年我們積極協助客戶升級其交易系統及通過一系列的測試(例如:模擬器測試、端對端測試及推出測試),以確保每一個接連 OCG GES EX 系統在推出前準備就緒。透過 GES 與客戶及網絡供應商的良好溝通及協調,我們可以實行同步多工處理,只需一個月就可完成整個測試流程。」

有關明年的發展大計,Jeffrey Lo 表示:「隨著中國資本市場開放和人民幣國際化進程的深入,相信中港兩地股市會有更多的合作空間。來年我們會重點發展滬港通、深港通以至環球市場的交易模組。而除了現貨市場外,我們的技術人員正在積極開發全新的期貨交易系統,預計在2016年中旬面世,敬請大家拭目而待。」


GES marks first anniversary of GES EX Stock Trading Platform

 Hong Kong based Global eSolutions (HK) Limited (GES), a leading financial trading platform vendor announced its stock trading platform – GES EX has passed the certification test of HKEx Orion Central Gateway (OCG) and Orion Market Data (OMD-C) platform, becoming one of the few independent software vendors who have passed both of the tests in the first anniversary of the launch of GES EX.

Reviewing GES EX’s development during the first year, GES Assistant Director of Development Mr. Alex Wong said, “In order to cope with the reform of HKEx core trading platform, it is inevitable that Broker Supplied System (BSS) vendors have to upgrade on their trading platform. With the joint efforts of GES and its clients, we have performed a comprehensive upgrade on GES EX and successfully passed a series of conformance tests for the BSS solution.”

“Firstly, to cope with the HKEx new market data platform OMD-C, we applied for GES EX as OMD-C certified software. We successfully passed the test within two months and have officially become HKEx certified ISV for OMD-C platform since 10 August, 2015. In this case, GES EX users no longer need to perform the test by themselves and hence saving the costs.” Alex Wong added.

GES Senior Marketing Executive Jeffrey Lo said, “To enable customers to experience low-latency trading by switching to OCG smoothly, we actively assisted customers to pass through a series of tests (e.g. simulator test, end to end test, rollout test) over the past year to ensure the platform readiness before rollout of every GES EX that connected to OCG. With close communication and coordination with the customers and the network suppliers, we can now implement multi-task processing and complete the whole test in only one month.”

As for the 2016 roadmap, Jeffrey Lo pointed out that, “With the ongoing opening of China’s capital market and the internalization of the RMB, we believe there will be more room for cooperation between Hong Kong and China stock market. Next year we will put our focus on Shanghai- and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect as well as global market modules. In addition to the stock market, our technology specialists are actively developing a new futures trading system that will most likely be launched in mid-2016.”

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