Thursday, October 23, 2014

GES協助GMO CLICK在香港成立分公司

香港金融交易平臺供應商 Global eSolutions (HK) Limited (GES) 正式宣布與 GMO Click Holdings, Inc. (GMO) 成為合作夥伴,並順利協助其於香港開設分公司及提供交易服務。

GMO 2012 年起連續兩年成為世界排名第一的外匯交易商,現在透過於亞洲區成立的兩家海外子公司 技慕環球通金融(香港)有限公司 技慕環球通金業有限公司 擴展其槓桿式外匯黃金及白銀交易服務給零售投資者

GES 總經理 Ken Chung 表示:「在這次合作中,GES 協助 GMO 整個業務的開展,提供硬件和軟件採購和定制,以及客戶關係管理及整合。在少於三個月的時間,成功啟動並平穩地運行全新的交易平台。」

總括而言,GES 成功協助 GMO 開展分公司,使其得到在技術支援上的及時回應,改善交易服務的穩定性和可靠性,以及在香港及中國市場上擴展其業務。


GES assists GMO CLICK to launch branch in Hong Kong

Hong Kong base Global eSolutions (HK) Limited (GES), the financial trading platform vendor, announced partnership with GMO Click Holdings Inc. (GMO) to assist in launching branch office and trading services in Hong Kong.

GMO, the largest global forex broker by volume that achieved world No.1 two years in a row since 2012, is now expanded its business in Asia and established 2 wholly owned subsidiaries, GMO CLICK HK Limited and GMO CLICK Bullion Limited to provide leveraged FX, Gold and Silver trading service to retail investors.

“In this partnership, GES has assisted GMO throughout the launching of their business by providing hardware infrastructure, trading platform and CRM integration, report localization and on-going technical support,” said Ken Chung, CTO of GES. “In less than 3-months period, the whole new trading platform is up and running smoothly.”

GES has successfully help GMO launch branch that GMO is able to get timely response on technical support, improve the stability and reliability of the trading service as well as expanding its businesses to Hong Kong and China market.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

GES 與Currenex 正式成為亞太區合作夥伴

金融交易平台供應商GES 很高興地宣布與獲獎的Currenex 正式成為亞太區合作夥伴。世界領先的外匯交易供應商Currenex,透過橋接服務,直接連繫60多間銀行及金融機構,提供流動價格作即時交易。
GES 總經理 Ken Chung 表示:「經過數月以來的努力,GESCurrenex 終於成為合作夥伴。憑藉Currenex多年來對市場深度及多樣化流動性的經驗,加上GES全面涵蓋廣泛的金融產品及穩定高速的數據源引擎,更有把握面對市場上的風險。」

GES and Currenex announces partnership in the Asia-Pacific region

Hong Kong base Global eSolutions (HK) Limited (GES), the financial trading platform vendor, is pleased to announce its new partnership with Currenex in the Asia-Pacific region.

Currenex, the world’s leading FX trading provider of financial services, offers streaming prices that are available for immediate trading from more than 60 global banks and institutional investors through LP (Liquidity Provider) Bridge.

“After months of effort, GES has finally become the technology partner of Currenex,” said Ken Chung, CTO of GES. “We are now providing bridging solutions for all FX and Bullion brokers who want to have price aggregation from Currenex and its extensive banking and hedge fund networks.”

By this mutual and long term partnership, FX and Bullion brokers can get deeper market depth and tighter spread, together with minimum latency and better local support especially in APAC region.

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