Monday, March 9, 2015

GES 宣佈推出超低延時 STP 方案 TX-Speed

香港金融交易平台供應商 Global eSolutions (HK) Limited (GES) 宣佈推出最新的 STP 解決方案 TX-SpeedTX-Speed 專為 A book A/B mix 模式的經紀商而設。TX-Speed 部署和設置非常簡單,於極短時間內,經紀商即可獲得 NY4 的銀行間流通量,獲得最佳買賣差價,快速準確地執行各種訂單及斬倉盤 / 限價盤。

TX-Speed的部署只需一星期,直接安裝於MT4伺服器即可。而且無需使用第三方軟硬件,省卻大量準備及學習時間。沿用 MT4 介面,指定任何群組,即可將訂單傳到位於 NY4 的頂級流通量當中。為追求更高速穩定的連接,GES 備有網絡專線可供經紀商選用。

經紀商透過 TX-Speed 可快速準確地執行各種訂單,藉由TX-Speed 超低延時架構,對斬倉盤及限價盤實現“零滑點的優勢更為明顯。經紀商可有效地把風險減至最低同時把利潤擴至最大。TX-Speed的主要優點包括:

·         直通NY4 銀行間流通量
·         有效減少限價單和止損單的滑點
·         無需第三方軟、硬件,直接安裝於 MT4 服務器上
·         安裝快,操作簡單,無重新學習需求
·         可指定任何群組把訂單傳到銀行間流通量
·         支援所有 MT4 的資產類別

GES 首席技術官 Ken Chung 表示:「現時,不少經營A book A/B mix 模式的經紀商在 STP 問題上仍面對著困難。TX-Speed 正切合他們的需要,經紀商能夠簡單、快速地進行 STP 交易,享用到世界最頂級的銀行間流通量,賺取最多收入之餘,對業務的擴展也更有彈性。


GES Announces Launch of TX-Speed – Ultra-Low Latency STP Solution

Hong Kong based Global eSolutions (HK) Limited (GES), a leading financial trading platform vendor, announces to launch its new STP solution – TX-Speed, which is especially designed for brokerages who adopt A book or A/B mix model. The setup and deployment of TX-Speed is extremely easy. With TX-Speed, brokerages are able to access inter-bank liquidity with NY4 within a very short time, gain the Best-Bid-Offer (BBO) as well as speedily and accurately execute different types of orders and cut / limit position.

The deployment of TX-Speed only takes one week – it can be installed on the MT4 server directly. No third-party software and hardware is involved and the time for preparation and learning cycle can be greatly saved. With the MT4 UI, trade orders can be routed to the top-tier liquidity hosted in NY4 by specifying any groups. To achieve faster and more stable connectivity, GES is equipped with a dedicated lease line for brokerages to use optionally.

With TX-Speed, brokerages can rapidly and precisely execute different types of orders. By leveraging the ultra-low latency infrastructures of TX-Speed, brokerages can benefit from the possible “zero” slippage on cut and limit position, effectively minimize the risk while maximizing the profits. The top reasons to use TX-Speed include:
·         Access NY4 inter-bank liquidity
·         Effectively reduce the slippage on stop and limit orders
·         No third-party software and hardware; directly installed on the MT4 server
·         Fast installation, easy-to-use, no learning cycle
·         Pre-defined groups of trade for routing orders to inter-bank liquidity
·         Support any class that MT4 supports

 “Today, many brokerages who adopt A book or A/B mix model are still struggling with challenges regarding STP.” Ken Chung, CTO of GES said. “TX-Speed is exactly what they need. With TX-Speed, brokerages are able to rapidly execute STP trading at ease, enjoy the world class inter-bank liquidity, maximize their profits and enhance the flexibility of business growth.”

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