Monday, November 17, 2014

GES 針對亞洲市場交易行為 連接流通量供應商

香港金融交易平台供應商 Global eSolutions (HK) Limited (GES) 不斷加入世界頂級流通量供應商成為合作夥伴,為坐盤商、經紀商提供更佳流通量及交易價格。最新加入的流通量供應商包括 ADS SecuritiesCFH ClearingFXCM Sucden Financial更多不同地區及資產種類的流通量供應商將陸續成為 GES 合作夥伴。

坐盤商及經紀商不單可透過 GES 獲得最佳買入及賣出價 (BBO)以最低成本賺取最大差價收入之餘,更可以針對亞洲投資者獨特的交易習慣,提供大額訂單讓投資者參與交易。舉例,標準交易訂單規模為每次交易1手,而GES則可實現更大額的交易訂單,如每次交易 10 手,甚至 2030 手,而且差價經過優化,大大提高訂單成交率。

GES 首席技術官 Ken Chung 表示:「現時,對於混合經營射單及造市模式的坐盤商、經紀商而言,不單止需要穩定流暢的橋接方案,更需要不斷迎合投資者的交易習慣,才能在金融交易市場中保持競爭力。因此,我們投放了大量資源開發交易系統上的新功能,確保坐盤商、經紀商時刻擁有最合適有效的金融交易解決方案。」


GES Adds Liquidity Specific to Asian Market Trading Behavior

Hong Kong base Global eSolutions (HK) Limited (GES), the financial trading platform vendor, is continuously partnering with top-tier liquidity providers to provide brokerages with access to liquidity and more competitive prices. Partners recently on board include ADS Securities, CFH Clearing, FXCM and Sucden Financial. More liquidity partners from different regions and of various asset types are expected to partner with GES in the near future.

Through GES, brokerages not only can gain the Best-Bid-Offer (BBO) and maximize their profits with the minimized cost, but also provide large tickets for traders according to the unique trading habit of Asian traders. For example, comparing with the standard ticket size which is 1 lot per order, a larger amount of tickets, such as 10 lots per order, and even 20 or 30 lots per order can be realized by GES. Fill rate for ticket can also be greatly improved with spreads being optimized.

“Nowadays, for those brokerages who adopt both order routing and acting as market makers, a stable and smooth bridge solution is what they need. More than that, they need to keep catering for the trading habit of traders, so that they can maintain competitive edge in the financial trading market. ” said Ken Chung, CTO of GES. “Therefore, we have invested many resources to develop new functions of the trading system, ensuring that the brokerages can always benefit from the most suitable and effective financial tranding solution.” 

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