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「證券及基金前台交易系統工作坊」 GES 助本地券商拓展多元化環球股票及基金管理業務

GES 為了令本地券商了解其 GES EX 證券交易系統的新功能,將於2016810舉辦 GES EX 證券及基金前台交易系統工作坊屆時 GES 金融科技專才將會講解如何透過 GES EX 證券交易系統拓展多元化環球股票及基金管理業務

GES EX 證券交易系統現已內建一系列的基金前台交易功能,基金經理可利用成交分配Trade Allocation)將交易的股票以不同方式分配到子賬戶,包括按淨資產價值(NAV)的指定百分比、按子賬戶的持倉比率或自定股數等。系統同時支援組合再平衡(Account Rebalancing),基金經理可設定買入或沽出組合內各資產的百分比,一次性將各資產的比重回復至原來計劃。此外,系統支援一系列的交易前檢查(Pre-trade Checking)功能,例如禁止交易員買賣某一隻股票,設定單一股票的最高持倉比例及組合的最少現金比例等,以確保所有交易按照基金經理的原有設定進行。

GES EX 證券及基金前台交易系統工作坊」活動詳情:
日期:2016 8 10 日(星期三)
時間:下午 5 時正至 6 30 分(下午 4 30 分開始登記) 
地點:香港灣仔港灣道六至八號瑞安中心三十樓三零零四至零八室 地圖
名額:10 先到先得)
報名及查詢:請致電 3412 3636 報名 或電郵至

更多 GES EX 證券交易系統特點:
·         支援多產品,包括股票、窩輪、牛熊證、期貨等
·         支援多貨幣設定
·         全面下單類型,多種條件盤迎合不同投資策略
·         實時保證金計算及追加保證金通知
·         多種符合監管標準的財務報表
·         可連接多種後台交收系統
·         可與全球最大證券公司之一的 IB 盈透連接,接通多達全球20個交易所
·         專業項目管理,幫助節省成本及時間
·         基金前台交易管理如
o   成交分配 Trade Allocation
o   投資組合再平衡 Account Rebalancing
o   交易前檢查 Pre-trade Checking

“EX Securities & Fund Front-end Trading System Workshop” GES Helps Local Brokerages to Expand Global Equities and Fund Management Businesses

In order to provide brokerages a better understanding of the new features of GES EX Securities Trading System, Global eSolutions (HK) Limited (GES), a leading financial trading platform vendor in Hong Kong, will organize a “GES EX Securities & Fund Front-end Trading System Workshop” on August 10, 2016 to introduce how GES EX Securities Trading System could help brokerages to expand global equities and fund management business.

GES EX now has a built-in series of fund front-end trading features, which allow fund manager to allocate stock trades to sub-accounts in different methods, including by specifying a percentage of NAV, by position ratio of sub-account or number of shares etc. GES EX also supports Account Rebalancing, which enables fund manager to specify the buy / sell percentage of each asset in a portfolio, thus realigning the weightings of each asset to the original plan. Another newly added feature is Pre-trade Checking, which can forbid a dealer to buy / sell a specific stock, limit the maximum holdings of a specific stock and the lowest cash ratio of a portfolio etc, ensuring all trades can be executed under the default setting made by fund manager.  

Details of “GES EX Securities & Fund Front-end Trading System Workshop”

  • Date: August 10, 2016 (Wednesday)
  • Time: 5pm – 6:30pm (Registration starts at 4:30pm)
  • Venue: Room 3004-8, 30/F, Shui On Centre, 6-8 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
  • Target Audience: SFC Licensees that carry out securities and asset management regulated activities (include Responsible Officers, Fund Managers, Dealers, Agents, and Credit Managers etc.)
  • Language: Cantonese
  • Admission: Free of Charge
  • Quota: 10 (first come, first served)
  • Enrolment and Enquiry: Call 3412 3636 or email to

Combining with the newly added features, the key benefits of using GES EX include:

  • Support multi-product, including stocks, warrants, CBBC, futures, etc.
  • Support multi-currency
  • Comprehensive order types with multiple conditional orders to cater for different investment strategies
  • Real-time margin calculation and margin call alert
  • Various types of financial reports for regulatory parties reporting
  • Connect to various types of back-office settlement system
  • Able to access the API of Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. (IB) and connect with up to 20 stock exchanges
  • Professional project management to save cost and time
  • Front-end trading management for fund:
o   Trade allocation
o   Account rebalancing
o   Pre-trade checking

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