Wednesday, March 30, 2016

TX-AUTON – 真正支援多產品及程式交易的跨媒體交易平台

香港金融交易平台供應商 Global eSolutions (HK) Limited (GES) 正式推出最新多產品及程式交易平台 – TX-AUTONTX-AUTON 可快速連接實時數據及最新市場狀況,幫助投資者及交易員審度市場趨勢及作出更明智的買入 / 賣出決定。

TX-AUTON 可助用戶迅速連接上千個金融工具,只需透過一個交易戶口,用戶即可輕鬆管理其投資組合。TX-AUTON支援多項交易產品,包括外匯、金銀、差價合約、二元期權、證券、期貨及股票期權,為用戶帶來無可比擬的多產品連接及交易執行體驗。

TX-AUTON內置算法交易引擎,投資者可開發、模擬、部署及自動化任何市場的量化交易策略。TX-AUTON亦提供配有逾20個技術指標的先進圖表工具,投資者可用作過往價格數據的分析。多種圖表款式及TA工具包括保力加通道(Bollinger Bands)、移動平均線、快速 / 慢速隨機指標、價格振盪器及指數平滑異同移動平均線(MACD)。

TX-AUTON 同時提供手機應用程式下載,支援所有流動裝置(iOSAndroid 及網絡版本),用戶可輕鬆獲取實時報價,隨時隨地進行交易,享受不限時地處理訂單及管理倉位的便利。

GES 研發部副總監 Alex Wong 總結道:「現時多產品的交易趨勢漸增,有見及此,GES致力開發多產品交易的全面方案,從而迎合經紀商及投資者所需。GES的端到端解決方案可幫助經紀商輕鬆建設多產品的經紀商業務。憑藉GES強大的全方位方案,經紀商可受惠於GES操作完整的前台交易平台、無縫的後台連接及卓越的報價系統。」


TX-AUTON – the True Multi-Asset, and Algo-ready Cross-Device Trading Platform

Hong Kong based Global eSolutions (HK) Limited (GES), a leading financial trading platform vendor launches a new multi-asset trading and algo-ready platform – TX-AUTON. By offering lightning fast access to real-time data and up-to-the minute view of the markets, TX-AUTON helps investors and traders to efficiently identify trends and determine buy/sell decision intelligently.

TX-AUTON provides fast access to thousands of financial instruments and helps each user to manage their own portfolios easily from a single trading account. Supporting a rich array of trading products including FX, Bullion, CFDs, Binary and Options, Equities, Futures and Stock Options, TX-AUTON enables traders to trade at ease with its unparalleled multi-asset connectivity and execution capabilities.

With built-in algorithmic trading engine, TX-AUTON allows traders to develop, simulate, deploy and automate any quantitative trading strategy for any market. TX-AUTON also offers advanced charting tools with 20+ technical indicators which help traders to gain insights into historic price data for analysis. Various types of chart styles with TA tools include Bollinger Bands, Moving Average, Fast/Slow Stochastic, Price Oscillator and MACD.

Providing traders the freedom to trade anywhere at any time, TX-AUTON is mobile-app ready and compatible with most recent mobile devices (iOS, Android and Web) for traders’ easy access to market updates in real-time mode. Traders can enjoy the convenience of placing orders and monitoring positions anytime and anywhere on the go.

“As the trend towards multi-asset trading is accelerating,” Alex Wong, Assistant Director (Development) of GES said, “GES strives to provide a complete solution for multi-asset trading that caters for the needs of today’s brokers and traders. GES’s end-to-end solutions provide brokers with every aspect of setting up a multi-asset brokerage business. With GES’s complete solution, brokers are able to enjoy a fully operation front-end trading platform, with seamless back-end integration and excellent pricing system.

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