Sunday, February 14, 2016

GES 於亞洲大型金融 B2B 峰會 iFX EXPO Asia 2016 取得圓滿成果

香港金融交易平台供應商 Global eSolutions (HK) Limited (GES) 一月二十七日及二十八日在香港舉行的iFX EXPO Asia 2016參展,並取得圓滿成果

GES(展位49號)是次展覽會展示了一系列的產品和服務,包括專為 A/B Book Mix 經紀商而設計的混合倉位管理系統 TX-Hybrid以及卓越的二元期權交易系統 AUTON。此外,GES於現場亦展示了通過港交所測試證券交易系統GES EX,接獲眾多經紀商的垂詢

GES 研發部副總監 Alex Wong 總結道:「是次參展效果十分理想,我們藉此機會向來自世界各地的經紀商分享 GES 最新的交易解決方案,為業務建立基礎關係。同時我們不同範疇的外匯專才交流了最新的市場狀況,獲益良多,在開拓策略性合作的進展上取得圓滿成果。」


GES Achieved Great Success in iFX EXPO Asia 2016

Hong Kong based Global eSolutions (HK) Limited (GES), a leading financial trading platform vendor, took part in the iFX EXPO Asia 2016 on the 27th and 28th of January in Hong Kong and achieved great success.

As one of the prominent exhibitors, GES (Booth no. 49) showcased a series of core products, TX-Hybrid, the newly launched position management system for A/B Book Mix model and Auton, a premium trading platform for binary options. GES’s exchange certified securities trading system – GES EX also sparked a huge interest among the visitors.

“We have successfully accomplished our long-term goals in the iFX EXPO”, Alex Wong, Assistant Director (Development) of GES concluded. “This event gives us the opportunities to share our latest financial IT solutions to brokers from all over the world, and to maintain the cooperation with our strategic partners, as well as explore additional partnership opportunities.”

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