Monday, October 24, 2016

GES EX 證券及基金前台交易系統雙重折扣優惠

GES 自2006年成立以來一直與時並進,為金融機構提供程式交易平台來為金融機構提供程式交易平台、風險管理系統及各類金融訊息交換協議 (FIX) 的橋接解決方案,服務覆蓋場內及場外交易市場的需要。今年公司成立十周年,將繼續以豐富的行業經驗,加上大量的科研投入,於未來持續為金融機構提供最優秀的交易平台及支援服務,時刻保持業界領導地位。

為答謝客戶一直以來的支持,由即日起至 2016年12月31日期間,首 10 名選購 GES EX 證券及基金前台交易系統的客戶即可享有以下雙重折扣優惠!*
  • 額免一次性系統安裝費
  • 首六個月月費全免
註: 以上優惠受有關條款及細則約束,詳情請參閱有關宣傳推廣資料或向本公司職員查詢。

GES EX 證券及基金前台交易系統
GES EX 是一套專為中小券商而設的一站式證券及基金前台交易解決方案。系統支援多市場、多產品及多貨幣設定,有助券商拓展多元投資產品及環球證券業務。GES EX 同時內建一系列的基金前台交易功能如 MAM、Trade Allocation、Account Rebalancing 及 Pre-trade Checking 等,方便基金經理同時為多個子基金帳戶下達買賣指示,免除人手寫單的煩惱,照顧券商基金管理業務的需要。

更多 GES EX 證券及基金前台交易系統特點:
·      支援本地及環球股票、窩輪、牛熊證、期貨及期權等
·      多種下單類型迎合不同投資策略
·      實時保證金計算及追加保證金通知
·      多種符合監管標準的財務報表
·      可連接第三方後台系統及市場數據平台
·      基金前台交易功能如:
  • 多帳戶管理(MAM)
  • 成交分配 (Trade Allocation)
  • 組合再平衡 (Account Rebalancing)
  • 交易前檢查 (Pre-trade Checking)

GES EX Equities & Fund Front-end Trading System Exclusive Offer

Global eSolutions (HK) Limited (GES), the leading financial trading platform vendor in Hong Kong, is celebrating 10 years of providing financial institutions with algo-trading capability, advanced risk management and FIX bridging solutions which fully cover the needs of the on-floor trading and OTC markets. Since its establishment in 2006, GES has ensured the highest level of certainty and satisfaction through comprehensive industry expertise and a deep-set communication to customers.

10th Anniversary Exclusive Offers
As a token of gratitude for customer loyalty, the first 10 customers signing up to the GES EX Equities and Fund Front-end Trading System from now until 31 December 2016 can enjoy the below special dual offer!*
l   One-time Setup Fee Waiver
l   First 6-Month Maintenance Fee Waiver
Remarks: For details of the offers, please refer to the relevant promotional materials or contact GES staff.

GES EX Equities & Fund Front-end Trading System
GES EX is a one-stop equities and fund front-end trading solutions especially designed for small and medium-sized brokerages. The system supports multi-market, multi-product and multi-currency which enable brokerages to expand multi-asset and global equities businesses. Besides, GES EX has a series of built-in fund trading functions such as MAM, Trade AllocationAccount Rebalancing and Pre-trade Checking which allow fund manager to manage multiple fund accounts simultaneously, to cater for the needs of the brokerages to run the asset management business.

More features of GES EX Equities and Fund Front-end Trading System

  • Support local and global equities, warrants, CBBC, futures, options
  • Multiple order types to cater for different investment strategies
  • Real-time margin calculation and monitoring
  • Various types of financial reports for regulatory parties reporting
  • Feasible to integrate with third party back office and market data platform
  • Front-end trading functions for fund:
Ø  Trade Allocation
Ø  Account Rebalancing
Ø  Pre-trade Checking

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