Monday, June 20, 2016

配合業務發展 GES 辦公室擴展及搬遷

GES 宣佈,為了配合業務增長及擴展,GES 2016 5 30 日喬遷至以下地址並全面投入服務。

藉由設施更先進的全新辦公室,GES 可更有效率地服務客戶。GES 首席技術官 Ken Chung表示:「GES 遷往規模更大的新址,除了更接近核心金融區之外,相信增加營運效率,幫助業務繼續發展及擴張,於未來持續為各金融機構提供最卓越的金融科技交易平台及支援服務。」

GES 市場部經理 Ben Tse 補充道:「GES的業務在近年得到了迅速的增長並奠定了多個重要里程碑,例如在第一季推出了最新支援多元資產的程式交易平台 Auton,並於第二季打通與盈透的橋接解決方案,為經紀商實現從前台到後台直至流通量的全方位功能和質素的提升。

GES 是次的搬遷被視為業務發展最新的里程碑,而更佳的辦公環境喻表 GES 更光輝的業務前景。GES 將繼續致力為客戶提供最優質的金融交易平台解決方案,核心產品包括:

  • Auton:真正多元產品程式交易平台,具備回溯測試功能
  • GES TX:專為外匯、貴金屬、差價合約及期權而設的交易解決方案
  • GES EX:專為證券交易商而設的多功能電子證券交易系統
  • GES IX:專為財富管理公司而設的一站式自動化基金管理系統
  • GES SX:切合金融經紀商所需的全方位系統整合服務


GES Announces Office Relocation to Accommodate Growth and Expansion

GES is pleased to announce the relocation of its office for supporting the growth and expansion of the business. GES’s new address with effect from 30 May 2016 is:

Room 3004-8, 30/F, Shui On Centre,
6-8 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

The main telephone, facsimile numbers and emails remain unchanged

The new office and upgraded facilities will enable GES to accommodate clients more effectively and efficiently. “Our office has relocated to new expanded space which is closer to the core financial district. With enhanced operational efficiencies, we believe the new location will help us continue to grow and evolve, allowing us to provide our industry leading financial trading solutions to our clients at the highest competent level along the way.said Ken Chung, CTO of GES.

“GES has achieved rapid business growth and critical milestones in recent years, with the latest launch of Auton, a multi-asset and algo-ready trading platform in the first quarter, as well as the connection with Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. (IB) in the second quarter, which offers brokers a full-fledged bridging solution covering front-end, back-end systems and liquidity with upgraded features and quality.” Ben Tse, Marketing Manager of GES added.

As a new milestone to GES, the relocation of office marks the continuous growth of the business and paves the way for a brighter future. GES ensures the highest level of certainty and satisfaction through comprehensive industry expertise and a deep-set commitment to customers, with the core products include:
  •  Auton: A true multi-asset class and algo-ready trading platform with backtesting capability for retail investors
  • GES TX: A sophisticated trading system for FX, Bullion, CFD, Binary and Options in OTC markets
  • GES EX: A full-fledged, highly scalable and multi-functional electronic trading system for equity brokers
  • GES IX:  An all-in-one and automated fund management system for wealth management companies
  • GES SX: A series of IT and system integration services that best suit the financial industrial needs
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