Monday, March 27, 2017

GES and IEEE (HK) CI Chapter Jointly Organized The First Computational Finance Competition

GES and the IEEE (Hong Kong) Computational Intelligence Chapter (IEEE (HK) CI Chapter) jointly organized the First Computational Finance Competition (Competition), to foster the pursuit of algo trading among academia in Hong Kong.

The Competition is launched to provide undergraduates and postgraduates students with a platform to apply their algo trading techniques in daily lives. During the Competition, all participants are required to use the Auton trading platform provided by GES for algo development, backtesting with historical data as well as virtual trading by live data. Each participant can participate either as an individual or as a team with no more than 2 team members (Participant). Every participant will use algo strategies to trade on CFDs of 50 Hang Seng Index Constituent Stocks and several major indices with a simulated capital of HK$1 million.

The organizer held a briefing session on March 10, 2017 in Lecture Theatre C, Chow Yei Ching Building, The University of Hong Kong. The representatives of the organizers introduced the details of the competition rules as well as the important notes on algo trading and application of the competition platform. The briefing session received overwhelming responses from nearly 30 students and professors from Hong Kong universities. Most of them showed great enthusiasm by raising questions during the event.

Students can register for the Competition from 24 February to 30 April 2017 via the Competition website: Participants will have a chance to win the prize of up to HK$8,000 and half-year free usage on the GES Auton Software. At the end of the Competition, the Participants with the “Best Overall Return” and “Best Risk-Adjusted Return” will be the winners. Top two teams of each category will be awarded the Champion and First Runner-up respectively. The Champion will be presented with book coupons of HK$3,000 and a cash prize of HK$5,000, while the First Runner-up will be presented with book coupons of HK$2,000 and a cash prize of HK$3,000.  A “Weekly Best Return” award will also be presented to each weekly winner who gains the largest positive profits by each week during the competition period, including 6 winners in total. Each weekly winner will be presented with HK$300 book coupon as the reward.

Dr. Vincent Tam, Chairman of IEEE (HK) CI Chapter, said, “Thanks to the keen supports of the Executive Committee members of the IEEE (HK) CI Chapter, and the Computational Finance and Economics Technical Committee (CFETC) of the Computational Intelligence Society (CIS), the Competition has been successfully launched and has received overwhelming response so far. The Competition is certainly one of the most meaningful investment competitions in the academic sector, allowing students to put investment theories into practice and gain the valuable experience of trading simulation in the real investment world.”

Mr. Ken So, Senior Quantitative Developer of GES, said, “GES is dedicated in promoting the application of computational intelligence in the financial industry for years, being one of the pioneers in the development of quantitative finance in Asia. GES Auton platform is a true multi-asset platform which supports FX, Bullion, CFDs, Equities, Futures and Stock Options. Its built-in algo trading kit allows traders to deploy existing trading strategies or script their own one in the platform. Allowing algo backtesting and forward-testing with historical data and live data respectively, Auton helps traders to develop the unique trading strategy that will work best for them. The Competition is definitely a good channel to nurture the next generation of Fintech talent and promote the development of Fintech in Hong Kong investment market.”

About the First Computational Finance Competition
The First Computational Finance Competition is organized by Global eSolutions (HK) Limited (“GES”) and IEEE (Hong Kong) Computational Intelligence Chapter (“IEEE (HK) CI Chapter”), which invite undergraduates and postgraduates students from renowned universities in Hong Kong to foster the pursuit of algo trading among university students in Hong Kong. It was initiated with the vision to promote the use of Computational Intelligence in the area of finance, identify algo trading talents at top universities and provide top performers with potential career opportunities

About IEEE
The IEEE is the world's largest professional organization dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity, with more than 430,000 members in over 160 countries. Through its highly cited publications, conferences, technology standards, and professional and educational activities, IEEE is the trusted voice on a wide variety of areas ranging from aerospace systems, computers, and telecommunications to biomedical engineering, electric power, and consumer electronics. Learn more at

About GES
Global eSolutions (HK) Limited (“GES”) is a global leading provider dedicated in financial technologies for more than 10 years. GES empowers financial institutions with algo-trading capability, advanced risk management and FIX bridging solutions. GES fully covers the needs of the on-floor trading and OTC markets, with value-added services ranging from IT technical support, system integration, bespoke software and network infrastructure development to hosting services. With GES technologies, financial institutions are able to overcome the challenges of risk management, position management, liquidity source and trading across different financial instruments in a single platform. GES’s well established partnering with top-tier financial institutions and prime brokerage firms can fulfill customers’ needs of liquidity and market depth. GES ensures the highest level of certainty and satisfaction through comprehensive industry expertise and a deep-set commitment to customers.

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GES 與 IEEE (HK) CI Chapter 合辦 「第一屆計量金融程式交易擂台」

GES 與電機暨電子工程師學會計算智能協會(香港分會)(IEEE (HK) CI Chapter) 合辦「第一屆計量金融程式交易擂台」,藉此提升本地學術界對程式交易的興趣及研發交易策略的技術,以及培養香港新一代的程式交易人材。

「第一屆計量金融程式交易擂台」是一個讓大學生及研究生體驗及實踐程式交易的活動。參賽者以 GES 提供的 Auton 程式交易平台進行比賽,運用平台自行編寫交易程式、以歷史數據進行回溯測試、以及透過真實市場數據進行模擬交易。參賽者可以個人名義或不多於二人的隊伍形式參賽(參賽者),每位參賽者會有一百萬港元的模擬資金,以程式交易投資於50隻香港上市的恒生指數成份股及部分主要指數。

主辦單位在2017310日於香港大學周亦卿樓演講廳 C舉行了一場比賽簡介會,向學生講述比賽的細節規則,以及編寫交易程式的注意事項及參賽平台的應用等。是次簡介會一共吸引了接近30位學生及大學講師出席,與會者踴躍發問,反應熱烈。

2017224日至430日,學生可透過比賽網頁 報名參加比賽,並有機會贏取高達8,000港元獎金獎品以及6個月免費享用 GES Auton 程式交易平台。比賽結束後,於比賽賬戶內持有「累積最高回報」及「最佳風險調整回報」的參賽者將會勝出。「累積最高回報」及「最佳風險調整回報」均設冠、亞軍各一名,冠軍可獲得港幣3,000元書券及港幣5,000元現金,亞軍可獲得港幣2,000元書券及港幣3,000元現金。比賽亦增設「每週最高回報」獎項,每週淨回報率最高之參賽者(共6週)可獲得港幣300元書券。

IEEE (HK) CI Chapter
主席譚偉略博士表示︰「在電機暨電子工程師學會計算智能協會(香港分會)(IEEE (HK) CI Chapter) 執行委員會的鼎力支持下,『第一屆計量金融程式交易擂台』得以成功舉辦,並取得參賽者的熱烈反應。是次比賽絕對是大專學界最有意義的投資比賽之一,同學們在學期間可以透過比賽實踐編寫交易策略的技巧及以真實市場數據進行模擬交易,增加學術理論實踐的關係。」

GES 資深量化工程師蘇劍平先生表示:「GES 一向積極推動金融科技於本地金融行業內的應用,是亞洲地區發展量化金融及程式交易的先驅之一。GES Auton 是一個真正多元資產交易平台,支援外匯、貴金屬、差價合約、證券、期貨及期權。其內置的程式交易引擎讓投資者可於交易平台上使用現有的或自行編寫交易策略,同時可透過歷史數據進行回溯測試、以及透過真實市場數據進行未來測試,從而建立最適合自己,獨一無二的交易策略。是次比賽不但可以培訓新一代的本地 FinTech 專才,更可推動香港投資市場的金融科技發展。」 

第一屆計量金融程式交易擂台由Global eSolutions (HK) Limited ”GES”)與電機暨電子工程師學會計算智能協會(香港分會)(“IEEE (HK) CI Chapter”)聯合舉辦,邀請來自香港知名大學的學生及研究生參賽,以提升學生對程式交易的興趣及研發交易策略的技巧,以及培養香港新一代的程式交易人材。比賽設立的理念包括推廣計算智能 / 程式交易於金融領域的運用、在芸芸頂尖大學學府中尋找並培育程式交易人才、以及為表現優異者提供事業發展機會。


關於 GES
Global eSolutions (HK) Limited (GES) ,專注於金融科技軟件的研發已有超過十年歷史,是一間全球領先的金融科技供應商。GES 多年來為金融機構提供程式交易平台、風險管理系統及各類金融訊息交換協議 (FIX) 的橋接解決方案,服務覆蓋場內及場外交易市場的需要,同時為客戶提供各類增值服務包括 IT 技術支持、系統整合、定製軟件、網絡基礎建設及托管服務等。GES 的專業技術及解決方案能讓金融機構克服各種風險管理、倉位管理、流通量需求及多元資產交易需求的挑戰。與此同時,GES 已與多間世界頂級的金融機構成為合作夥伴,為經紀商提供充足的流通量及市場深度,滿足各種交易需要。GES 將以豐富的行業經驗,加上大量的科研投入,於未來持續為金融機構提供最優秀的交易平台及支援服務,時刻保持業界領導地位。