Tuesday, December 23, 2014

GES 即將推出全新交易平台 GES EX 針對交易所買賣產品而設

香港金融交易平台供應商 Global eSolutions (HK) Limited (GES) 即將推出全新交易平台 – GES EXGES EX 是一套專為股票及期貨經紀商而設計的電子交易平台,經紀商可便捷地買賣香港交易所的證券及期貨產品,同時有效監察所有客戶的交易活動及進行全面的風險管理。

現時,股票及期貨經紀商面對不同的挑戰,包括提升交易速度、加強風險控制、不斷迎合新的交易規則及監管標準、支持越趨複雜的金融產品等。GES EX 正正是提供一切經紀商所需的解決方案,包括:
·         快捷地把交易/平倉/斬倉指令直接快速傳送到交易所
·         實時監察各分行及客戶的交易活動,進行各種全面的風險管理
·         多種條件盤以制定不同投資策略(包括雙向限價盤、觸發止損、升市觸發及跌市觸發等)
·         預設多種通知,例如即時訂單狀況通知、即時保證金計算及追加保證金通知
·         多層信用額度設定,多種可匯出報表,迎合監管機構的各種要求

此外,GES 將於 2015 年將會推出一個整合式的多產品交易軟件 – Auton,方便經紀商以單一平台處理不同種類及交易市場的金融產品,正式推出日期將於稍後公布。

詳情可瀏覽企業網站: www.ges.com.hk

GES prepares to launch New Trading System – GES EX for Exchange Traded Products

Hong Kong base Global eSolutions (HK) Limited (GES), a leading financial trading platform vendor, prepares to launch its new online trading platform – GES EX. GES EX is a cutting edge online trading platform especially designed for Equities and Futures Brokerages. With GES EX, brokerages can enjoy the ease of trading securities and futures products listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange and effectively monitor all clients’ trade activities for comprehensive risk management.

Nowadays, brokerage firms are facing massive challenges, including the upgrade of order processing speed, technological enhancement for effective risk control, addition of new trading rules and regulatory standard, and increasing complexity of financial products. GES EX is a solution that fulfills all Brokerages’ needs. Its key features include:
  • speedily placing trade / close position / liquidation orders directly to Stock Exchange
  • real-time monitoring the trading activities of different branches or individual clients for comprehensive risk management
  • multiple order types to cater for different investment strategies (OCO, MIT, Stop Loss, Up/Down Trigger, etc)                                                                                           
  • multiple preset notifications, for example, instant order status notification, real-time margin calculation and margin call alert
  • multi-level credit rule settings and various types of financial reports for regulatory parties reporting

Besides, GES upcoming all-in-one trading terminal – Auton will be released in 2015 and it enables brokerages to trade multi-products in just one single system. Further details will be released in due course.

For further information, please visit our website: www.ges.com.hk